Chef programs in Puglia

Market to tables programs

What better way to learn about where food comes from and how to cook it than to visit the land on which it is produced while learning about the health and nutrition Puglia culinary style?

Top Mums and Chefs demonstrate Puglia traditional recipes using seasonal and sustainable ingredients purchased that morning from the local Farmers Market. From simple salads to complex entrees, the chefs use the market’s finest produce to create delicious dishes. Our culinary programs always include an interview with a farmer, food artisan, or purveyor in the Farmers Market to give the audience in-depth information about how and where their food is produced.

These culinary programs always include tastings, cooking demonstrations and hands-on, panel discussions, farmer talks, and Mum/ Chef-style culinary challenges.

Our Chef programs combine full immersion training for classic and modern cuisine, baking and wines with fine dining and cultural gastronomic travel throughout Puglia.

This culinary Puglia program,  designed for culinary professionals, also includes cultural travel to several different genres of restaurants as well as visits to artisan cheese makers, wine and olive oil producers, bakers and more unique foodie places.

These preparations include demonstrations and hands-on and are centered on traditional and modern healthier cuisine using reduction techniques and the correct use of oil according to the best simplicity practices of the Mediterranean diet and “Cucina Povera”.

A gastronomic, wine and cultural travel bringing participants to explore one of the most interesting Region in Italy for Food and Wine, whose products and culinary style have become household names throughout the world.

Our programs focus on Puglia food and wine products and provide education about the history, culture and way of life.

Unique enjoyable, educational culinary programs that include tasting and introductions to innovative local chefs and talented Mums.