Culinary programs and visiting chef

At COOKINPUGLIA we offer traditional and healthy Puglia Cuisine programs, bringing authentic, contemporary Puglia cuisine:
  • gastronomical trips
  • courses for cooks
  • culinary schools
  • wine tastings
  • master classes
Students can work beside chefs, cooks, mums and grandmothers and get the real taste of professional cooking in a hands-on atmosphere. Aside from practicing recipes and professional cooking techniques, they will have the opportunity to ask questions, daily explore the style of cooking and master the secrets of the Puglia "cucina povera". 

A great learning opportunity we offer to gourmets interested in an authentic culinary experience from "mom' kitchen" to the most professional restaurants of the area.

Our culinary programs focus on a broad knowledge of the ingredients themselves be considered the key to creating great healthy Italian cuisine. This concept is at the center of every COOKINPUGLIA teaching program.

When it comes to choosing the specific restaurant or kitchen, we will find for you smaller kitchens for a more intimate experience and larger kitchens with famous local chefs. 

COOKINPUGLIA plays an important role in preserving the true Italian cuisine and culture through a memorable experience of lectures, food presentations, seminars and hands-on kitchen practice.

Our Culinary Education Programs reinforce the idea that cooking and eating authentic Puglia food contribute to raise awareness on how to identify "real" Italian food and promote the Mediterranean Diet leading to a healthy lifestyle and overall physical wellbeing

For more information about special COOKINPUGLIA Continuing Culinary Education programs

Ylenia Sambati

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