Special classes

Cooking classes celebrating the splendor of fresh produces: seasonal organic products, all things local and respectful of the earth with vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free options.

A class offering vegetarian dishes that celebrate seasonal organic and local vegetables, breads, pasta inspired by the exuberant and rustic cuisine of Puglia. All cooking classes are hands-on.

Our vegetarian cooking classes are enamored with vegetables, their simplicity, their stunning  colors, texture and  flavor.  A culinary culture celebrating  fresh, seasonal produce, regional products, amazing breads and cheeses, local wines.

All rhyming with the seasons and beautiful simplicity of Puglia food, freshly harvested, exhaling the earth. Such inventive culinary experience always  researching and discovering  its vast richness.

When the chopping and preparation has ended, we'll settle around the table to chat and share the dishes we've created, sipping vibrant local wine specially chosen for our meal. You'll receive the recipes and other information of interest that arise during the class.