On Line Cooking Classes

You won’t need to leave your kitchen with Cookinpuglia's interactive online cooking classes.

Take a class in the comfort of your home through a Zoom cooking class taught by a Puglia culinary instructor offering step-by-step guidance along the way.

The class is designed for everyone who wants to enjoy a cooking class at home, having a great time learning the authentic Italian cuisine. The class can be in Italian, English or both languages, informative and easygoing enough that you’ll have fun while you learn.

Your instructor will contact you to select the dishes and provide information and shopping list for the ingredients, that you will need at home during the class.

We also provide classes for healthy cooking, teaching how to cook for Awesome Energy, Italian Vegetarian Cooking and many more food programs. As well as helping you cooking, we also share facts and information about health and nutrition.

Classes are run daily, morning and afternoon sessions, based on your taste, necessity and preferred schedule.

Find Italian recipes and cooking basics that will build your confidence whether you're a complete novice or a kitchen pro, there’s something for everyone at Cookinpuglia Cooking School.

Once you make a reservation, an email is sent to you with the confirmed date of the class, the menu and the shopping list.

You can take as many classes as you like: one or even more per week, all at your own pace.

We will contact you to create a very personalized cooking class.

Gift vouchers: make the perfect gift for your foodie friends!

Look forward to cooking with you in your kitchen. Da Cucina a Cucina.