Healthy organic cooking class

Cook in Puglia provides healthy Cooking Classes and teach you how to cook healthy meals using the nutrients you need and giving you full of energy and a feeling of overall happiness through your day.


We will go with you to the market to help you become comfortable with choosing the best tasting and healthiest products and make meals with exciting flavors providing you minerals, vitamins and plenty of protein (making you feeling healthier, satisfied  and more energetic).

During our healthy cooking classes we will create delicious meals and inform you on traditional healthy “cucina povera” from Puglia, encouraging eating more responsibly.

It is a wonderful cooking experience helping you to take care of yourself and learning how to combine  ingredients that are both healthy and taste good, while ensuring that you get all of the vitamins and minerals that you need.

We will teach you the basics in nutrition and diet, choosing the right food: people are becoming more health conscious and want to know more about what their body needs and what foods provide this nutrition.

Learning techniques for cooking healthy such as boiling or baking over frying or make some tryly delicious desserts.

This healthy cooking course will introduce you to some interesting “cucina povera” information  and make it easy for you to make healthy foods a part of every day

The classes are hands on cooking, friendly, relaxed and provide helpful tips and ideas: we cook together, eat together, with plenty of time to taste the food and wine.

Courses start with a welcome briefing to discuss the day’s activities and a visit to the local seasonal food market.

Lunch will be based on the dished you’ve created along with a tasting of some delicious indigenous wines.

Cooking healthy “Cucina Povera” Puglia style will inspire you to cook with renewed passion and provide ideas that are easily achievable in your own kitchen.

At Cook in Puglia we want to give you confidence and inspire you to adapt recipes to suit you and your life style.