Mediterranean Diet Cooking Class

Our Cook in Puglia culinary program strongly encourages to get on the delicious and genuine Mediterranean Diet lifestyle.


As many of you already know the Mediterranean diet, considered one of the healthiest dieting programs, mainly focuses on whole grain, vegetables, antioxidant-rich fresh fruits, legumes, sea food, pasta and rice, olive oil, wine, nuts. Animal food consumption in this diet is rather limited to a certain minimum, minimal quantities including dairy products.

These foods are important for nourishing your body and have a lot of benefits too: nuts for example are rich in not saturated fats, grains (whole grain) contains very few unhealthy trans fats and bread is better eaten with some genuine extra virgin oil than with butter.

An interesting fact is that this diet recognizes the importance of enjoying meals (slowly eating) with family and friends and mainly focuses on some key factors:

  • eat legumes, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, fruit
  • replace butter with extra virgin olive oil
  • get plenty of exercise (walking is a very good exercise)
  • to flavor foods use spices and herbs (instead of salt)
  • eat more fish than meat (not more than once a week)
  • drink red wine (with moderation of course)

Extra Virgin Olive oil is the main ingredient used in traditional Puglia dishes. Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a strategic healthy and healing function and is the basis of a Mediterranean diet. During our cooking classes we use only the best quality extra virgin olive oil.

Our Puglia Style Mediterranean Diet always emphasizes the many virtues and applications of the extra virgin olive oil, a wonderful ingredient that is at the center of the Mediterranean diet.

At the Cook in Puglia hands-on cooking classes, participants will prepare a 3 course meal guided through all prep steps by a local mum who has always been cooking Mediterranean Diet Puglia Style from generations using the most genuine and healthy ingredients.

Cooking with locals who have grown eating and cooking this style in a relaxed yet professional environment is the best way to make Mediterranean diet recipes your own and bring it to your own kitchen at home.

Each class starts with an orientative talk on the Mediterranean Diet lifestyle, a food market shopping and an hands-on cooking class.

A red wine aperitivo will complete this amazing food and cultural cooking experience.