Tasting wine in Lecce



Want to try some of the best wines but won't have the chance to visit the famous wine region of Primitivo and Negroamaro in Puglia?

Then we have arranged a wine tasting experience in Lecce at La Strada del Vino Wine Bistrot.

La Strada del Vino Wine Bistrot is a well known Bistrot in the old town of Lecce were locals enjoy lunch, dinner, aperitif and of course wine experiences, away from the large crowd.

The wine tasting experience includes 4 Puglia wines paired with local food specialties to best accompany each wine.

An experienced wine lovers and wine tours planner share the characteristics of each wine and of the particular area in Puglia where the wine is produced.

Food, wine and a great Wine Bistrot with a Barocco view, make for an excellent wine experience in Lecce.

Private small groups are welcome.