Cavatelli Polpette Vino


Learn how to prepare two of the most classic Italian food tradition: Cavatelli and Polpette Cooking Class and taste 3 local wines.

With your local culinary instructor you will get your hands dirty and know the secrets about the Bella Italia cuisine and how to prepare these two classic Italian dishes.

The Cavatelli, the oldest type of Italian Pasta, are made of three simple ingredients, durum wheat semolina flour, lukewarm water, and a pinch of salt. Its hollowed-out shape soaks up sauce wonderfully. It's usually with tomato-based sauce. You can either roll them on a small grooved wooden board, similar to a gnocchi board or even use your fingertips.

Then the polpette (meatballs), an Italian classic dish that is usually made by meat or even vegetables in a vegetarian class, served in different ways.

After your cooking class, it’s time to enjoy your meal, which will be served with a bruschetta as an appetizer along with the tasting of 3 local wines.


Cooking Class Cavatelli & Polpette

All the necessary materials and ingredients

A Bruschetta served as a typical Italian appetizer

A bottle of water

3 glasses of local wines

Lunch or Dinner

Please advise any specific dietary requirements at time of booking

Vegetarian option is available, please advise at time of booking if required.